Safety At Sea


On Whalesong Cruises your
safety at sea is our priority.

Ships are constantly moving and the sea is an unpredictable environment and your safety at sea is our priority. Those with medical, heart, mobility, pregnancy or other conditions should check sea conditions before travelling and exercise caution. Travel aboard MV Whalesong is at your own risk.

MV Whalesong Safety Instructions

We at Whalesong Cruises ask our guests to read this safety instruction sheet and exercise common sense in implementing its procedures.

Always use the handrails on the ship in any weather conditions, with particular attention around the stairs. The seats are to sit on and the rails to keep you in.

Please don’t sit on the rails or stand on the seats.

At cabin entry point’s there are sections of the frames raised off the deck or ramps over these frames. Please look where you are walking so you do not trip.

If you normally suffer from seasickness or motion sickness, take tablets as recommended prior to departure. If feeling unwell, seek the crew's help. They are there to help you. Stay on the lower deck and in the fresh air. Report any incidents.

Using the toilets will make you feel worse, and others after you.

The top deck rocks more than the bottom deck (side to side motion) due to its height. It is advised that people with little experience on the sea, poor coordination or mobility, and those who suffer from seasickness remain on the lower deck.

Know where your children are at all times. DO NOT leave children unattended at any time whilst on the boat. Your children are still your responsibility.

The windward side of the vessel (the side the wind is blowing from) is the windy and sometimes wet side.

The wheelhouse is the navigation centre of the boat and is a “CREW ONLY” area. Permission to visit is at the master’s discretion.

Exercise common sense. Be aware not to hit your head or trip over. Please watch where you are going at all times.

In the unlikely case of an emergency, the crew will ask you to assemble at the boat’s, “Muster Station” located at the lower deck saloon doorway & foredeck viewing area.

Be mindful of your rubbish. Do not leave rubbish or items loose on deck. They will blow away.

Smoking is not permitted as per Queensland Health regulations. Toilets are fitted with smoke detectors.

Help us to improve our business, please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

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