COVID-19 - safe, sustainable and enjoyable cruising

Coronavirus health and safety is top priority for Whalesong Cruises

What is Whalesong doing to ensure safety of guests and crew?

Prior to the shutdown due to COVID-19, Whalesong Cruises had already produced a basic document for the health and safety of everyone on board.  Of course, now there's a much more rigorous COVID Safe procedure we've developed to ensure the safety of everyone on board.  This enhanced procedure which is fully compliant with Queensland Health guidelines, will be made available to all our guests.

Please note: our cruises are the only half-day cruises to offer meals.  These have typically been served buffet-style.  There are changes being made to the way we serve our delicious food, but don't worry, you'll still be receiving the same great food onboard and in a safe and sustainable manner, as you always have done!


What is Whalesong's cancellation policy for COVID-19?

Our cancellation policy has always been very flexible.  We generally require 48 hours notice prior to the cruise departure, for you to receive a full refund.  This still stands.  Also, there are no cancellation or change of date fees.  If you need to postpone or cancel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, you'll know well within 48 hours of travel and Whalesong Cruises will postpone or cancel your booking as you need.


How can we be sure that Whalesong's cleaning are best practices?

Whilst we've not been cruising, we've been taking the time to research and develop new business procedures.  This includes our hygiene and cleaning standards (which will be attached above before we commence cruising again on June 12th).  In addition to training crew in health and safety, Whalesong Cruises is also developing a COVID-19 SAFE plan which will be reviewed and approved by Queensland Health.  This will ensure we're meeting best practise standards and continue to offer a safe environment to travel.

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How do I know if I'm doing the correct thing in terms of COVID-19 on board Whalesong?

When you embark the vessel, you'll be marked off the manifest, asked a few health questions and receive explanation about social distancing and sanitisation on board.  In our general safety briefing, the skipper will remind you of what you can do.  There will also be signs around the boat to outline what you can do to keep yourself and everyone else on board, safe.  If you're ever in doubt though, our crew are still friendly, helpful and dedicated to showing you the best time on the boat, so please just ask one of them.  Whalesong Cruises is committed to keeping everyone safe during (and beyond) COVID-19, as it always has done.