Check out the video below to see how to access the office and the boat:

Please note: the wheelchair and wheelie walker used in this video are approx. 550mm wide - some of the widest standard aides on the market. There is no weight limit for these aides to embark the boat either.

Our commitment to you:

  • Adopt the highest accessibility standards in all areas of operation to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone.
  • Respect everyone on board.

We (the entire Whalesong team: office and crew) will not:

  • patronise or talk down to you
  • never attempt to speak or finish a sentence for you

We will:

  • address you in the same way as we talk to everyone else
  • speak directly to you, even if you have an interpreter or companion with you
  • accommodate your needs as much as we can
  • will welcome your carer and assistance animal on board (and respectfully ask our other guests to respect your assistance animal as you wish)
  • accept companion cards
  • ensure you receive value for money and will want to come back time and time again!


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