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This post is written by guest blogger, Alex Morrison. Check out his tips for Whale Watching with kids in Australia…

The Australian coast spans 25,760 kilometres, and there are 45 whale species with dolphins and porpoises resident in our waters – plus almost 60 per cent of the world’s whales here in season. Those most common whales sighted are southern right whales and humpbacks, but others include minke whales and orcas. In winter, the humpbacks and southern rights migrate up the east and west coasts from Antarctica to mate and breed, so it’s the perfect time to take the kids to see these magnificent creatures as they cruise on by and sometimes stop and rest. East Coast whale-spotters should keep an eye out for Migaloo, the rare all-white whale and best known Australian humpback. 

Whale Watching Tips for kids

  • Check the weather forecast before booking your cruise.
  • Choose a time when waves are below two metres and winds below 15 knots.
  • Pack a hat, sunscreen, sunnies, and a spray jacket for the kids whatever the weather. 
  • If the kids are prone to get seasick, limit their pre-tour food and take seasickness pills. 
  • The outside areas on the lower decks are best for younger children.

Some of the top whale-watching spots on the East coast of Australia include:  

Hervey Bay, Queensland

Australia has some top vantage points on cliffs and beaches and plenty of whale watching tours. But if you’re in Queensland, or you’re looking for a great holiday destination, don’t miss a fun day with Whalesong Cruises at Hervey Bay, the jewel in Queensland’s whale watching crown. It’s a great place to take the kids to see the whales who holiday in the bay’s sheltered waters to rest, mate, feed their calves and play from mid-July until late November. The bay is a whale nursery, and it’s often referred to as the Whale Capital.

Eden, NSW

This is where the orcas used to herd the whales into Twofold Bay to be killed before whaling became illegal and was abolished in Australia. Learn all about it at the Eden Killer Whale Museum in November, during the annual Eden Whale Festival.

Sydney, NSW

Whales can be seen from May to November at countless points along Sydney’s coasts with some 20,000 mostly minke, humpbacks and southern rights passing by on their annual migration to mate and birth in the Coral Sea. In NSW, whale watchers can download the Wild About Whales app for the best places to take the kids to see the whales in real time. Plenty of whale and dolphin watching tours are available here.

Port Stephens, NSW

From mid-May to October, Port Stephens in the Hunter Region, is a great place to see humpbacks and southern right whales and has around 165 bottlenose resident dolphins. Several operators run tours and pods are easy to spot from the golden beaches. The kid can join the Discovery Ranger on a Wild About Whales tour.

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