Quick guide to Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Your Guide to Whale Watching in Hervey Bay In under 3 Minutes – Everything you NEED to KNOW!

Why Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay is special because it is the only known destination from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef these gentle giants stop for a visit. The Humpback whales enjoy the calm waters of the bay as a resting stop for their calves to feed. Hervey bay offers some of the best up close and personal whale watching experience in the world and you truly haven’t been whale watching until you’ve experienced what Hervey Bay has to offer.

Better yet, Hervey bay is an easy drive north of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (3 ½ Hours) and you can explore the best that Hervey Bay and Fraser Island has to offer in a weekend. Hervey Bay has plenty of tour operators specialising in day trips to Fraser Island.

Check out our Fraser Island Tour + Whales to get the most out of your experience.

When to go?

The Whales arrive in Hervey Bay from mid July to late November. At Whalesong we are so confident that you will see whales that we offer guarantees to see the whales starting July 14th.

As a general rule we think August and September the best time to come out and see the whales. As the calves become older they become increasingly inquisitive and sometimes it can be hard to tell just who is looking at whom.

Pro Tip:

The whales are more active in rough weather so if your stomach is good this is when you will most likely see these mammoth creatures preform breeching and tail slapping displays. 

July + August also is a great time as there are a lot of other spectacular events in Hervey Bay such as the Whale ParadePaddle Out for Whales, and our amazing Seafood Festival, yummy! These events have cool activities, food, rides and events for the whole family and showcase this truly unique part of the world.

 You can also check out our whale watching blog here for more information about the types of whales you can see in the bay 

How to book?

Once you have researched the tour for you (Check out Whalesong’s tours here) many operators take bookings online or if you find yourself in the Fraser coast, Many hotels and tourist centres can book for you too.

What to wear?

On Whalesong we recommend dressing for the day, winter + whales sometimes means the outdoors can be windy and wet. We think that it’s always a good idea to wear a waterproof jacket/jumper, long pants (especially in the morning) and some grippy shoes because out on deck will get you closest to the action.

What To bring?

With Whalesong all you need to bring is yourself, a camera and we will give you an experience that you will rave about for years to come. We also provide a range of hot and cold drinks on board and we’ve even taken care of morning tea and lunch!

Whale Facts!

  • – An adult whale can weigh up to 5 times more than an elephant
  • – Their average lifespan is 30 -40 years
  • – Humpback whales don’t have teeth; they have baleen plates for munching on plankton
  • – Humpbacks are known to live together in groups,
  • – Whales can cruise anywhere up speeds of 15km per hour.

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For any more information, or if your interested in any of our tours or packages you can contact us here or check out our whale Watching Tours or Fraser Island Tours.